‘BBQ heroes’ are being sought this summer who will pull  on their aprons, bring out the burgers and cook up some cash for Cancer Research UK.
BBQ for Cancer Research UK is a new fundraising campaign which calls on supporters to host a BBQ any time this July, or join in the Big BBQ ‘bonanza’ on the weekend of July 19 and 20.
BBQ for CRUKWebBBQ hosts are encouraged to invite their friends and family to make a donation to attend, to raise money to help beat cancer sooner. The charity is urging people across the country to sign up for their free fundraising pack now so that they can start planning their sizzling spectaculars.

Fire Up To Fight Cancer
Dorothy Rodger, Fundraising Manager for the local area said: “We’re urging people to come together across the gardens, parks, beaches and patios of Scotland and BBQ this July for Cancer Research UK.
“We know that Scots will be getting out their BBQs come rain or shine, so it’s the perfect opportunity to join forces with grillers right across the UK in raising money for a worthwhile cause. 
“It’s not about gourmet grub or manicured gardens – it’s about chicken wings, ketchup and good times! We’re inviting men and women across Scotland to join a nation of BBQ’ers getting fired up in the fight against cancer.
“Our aim is that one day everyone will beat this devastating disease and the more research we fund, the sooner that day will come. That’s why we’re calling on our BBQ heroes in Scotland to rally their friends, families, work colleagues and neighbours to get their grill on and tell cancer to burger off!”

Cancer Stats
Every hour, three people are diagnosed with cancer in Scotland. Cancer Research UK receives no Government funding but with help from Scots the charity is fighting the disease on all fronts. Cancer Research UK spends around £34 million a year in Scotland on some of the UK’s leading scientific and clinical research. In Scotland, the number of people being diagnosed has now reached around 30,200 cases each year. 
New figures reveal 50 per cent of people diagnosed with cancer today in the UK will survive the disease for at least 10 years.
In the early 1970s just a quarter of people diagnosed with cancer in the UK survived for that time. Now Cancer Research UK has set out an ambitious new strategy to accelerate progress with the ambition that three-quarters (75 per cent) of all cancer patients diagnosed in 20 years time will survive at least 10 years.

BBQ Packs Available
Cancer Research UK’s BBQ pack contains everything supporters need to plan their perfect BBQ, including an exclusive ‘BBQ hero’ chef’s hat, recipe ideas, top tips, decorations, posters and much more. Event hosts can simply collect donations upfront from friends and family or on the day of their BBQ.
Dorothy added: “We want our fabulous hosts in Scotland to gather their pals, invite their neighbours and call up granny! The nation will be BBQ-ing to beat cancer this July and everyone is invited.”
To sign up to be a BBQ hero and get a free BBQ pack, visit www.cruk.org/BBQ. Contact: Dorothy Rodger, Local Fundraising Manager on CLOAKING or 07831 326288 


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